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Schools/ Hotels/ Residences Protection

112 Security Services can guarantee irreproachable protection service, whether you are looking for protecting your home, property or premises whilst you are at work, away on holiday or business; Our vetted guards are operational on a 24-hour basis or given hours suitable for your needs. This type of service is unique for individuals who leave their domiciles un-attended for noticeable periods of time.

We believe that authentic security challenges require genuine Security Solutions by skillful professionals. We are not an average Security Company; Be prepared to meet a Professional Business Entity where doubt and anxiousness are not part of our vocabulary; Instead,

Security and Sureness are the words we are speaking.

Our management works meticulously with Film makers within the UAE to ensure the safety of both cast and crew on film sets. Our guards will ensure all Film Equipment are protected and all crowds are controlled. Guards may be requested to continue their duty for the Wrap party.

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